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Our hands: tools of sensitive perception …
We offer our guests a wide range of massages from around the world to relax, strengthen and balance body and mind.

Our classics

Classic body massage
always a good choice

As you like it: relaxing or revitalising for all-round of wellbeing.

FULL BODY | 50mins €73
LEGS OR BACK | 25mins €40

Aromatherapy massage
slow down and relax

A gentle massage takes you on a fragrant journey and leaves you feeling calm and serene.

FULL BODY | 50mins €73
LEGS or BACK | 25mins €40

Manual lymphatic drainage
purifies and detoxifies

Gentle lymphatic drainage expells toxins and reboots the system for a sense of ease and relaxation.

FULL BODY | 50mins €73
FACIAL | 25mins €40

‘Dorn’ Therapy with ‘Breuss’ Massage
for back problems and pelvic obliquity

Has a regenerating effect on intervertebral discs and aligns the spine. Differences in leg length are balanced and the vertebrae gently brought back to their ideal position using the Dorn method. Your back feels straighter and you feel lighter.

50mins €79

Singer’s SPA recommendation: if you are experiencing acute muscle tension, we recommend an ENERGISE mud pack on our softpack lounger to gain the maximum benefit from your muscle and joint massage.

Singer’s SPA regional favourites

Tyrolean massage
great before or after sports

Powerful massage with Tyrolean shale oil tonic stretches, loosens and activates muscles, boosts blood-flow and sets you up for your next sporting challenge.

FULL BODY | 50mins €75
LEGS OR BACK | 25mins €43

Alpine herbal massage
for dry and tired skin

Energising massage with Alpine rose and herb essences plus an enjoyable foot exfoliation. Your skin feels strong and refreshed, the connective tissue is revitalised.

50mins €75

Anit-stress massage
restores flow to tissue and fascia

Shoulder and neck muscles are massaged using special techniques that allow the effects of everyday stresses and strains to simply melt away. The back muscles and neural system experience deep relaxation. This combination of back, shoulder, neck and head massage decelerates, balances and de-stresses.

Back, shoulder & neck – 50mins €76
Back, shoulder, neck & feet – 80mins €115

Pine vitality massage
activates self-healing, relaxes connective tissue and reduces muscle tension

This treatment uses essential stone pine oils to lower your heart rate, relax the muscles and soothe connective tissues. Experience profound relaxation for body and soul – it’s like having a massage in a pine forest!

50mins €79
80mins €119

Singer’s special massages

A healthy mind likes to live in a healthy body – and we’d like to help you keep it that way.

Pregnancy massage
relaxes and pampers the expectant mum

For this massage, you lie on your back to avoid pressure on your lumbar spine. Gentle yet effective massage techniques are applied to your muscles. Suitable until late into pregnancy subject to consultation.

Back, shoulder & neck – 50mins €76
Back, shoulder, neck & feet – 80mins €115

Silhouette deluxe
detoxifying and toning

A gentle massage with essences and oils to stimulate the lymphatic system and generate a sense of contoured slenderness.

Full body – 55mins €78

unblocks the body’s energy channels

Pressure point massage of the feet that identifies and stimulates weak points in the body to help you feel refreshed and invigorated.

25mins €43

Healing head massage

Pressure point massage of the head using essential oils to impart a sense of uplifted liberation.

25mins €43

La Stone Therapy®
relaxation and energy

Hot lava stones and cold marble bring deep relaxation while stimulating the metabolism and circulation. Feel recharged and energetic.

FULL BODY | 80mins €125
BACK TREATMENT | 30mins €54

Lomi Lomi Nui
regenerates muscles and joints, deeply relaxing

Gentle Hawaiian massage to stretch and relax the muscles and calm the soul. Feel connected, serene and strong – and float away with all your senses.

FULL BODY | 115mins €159

detoxifying and harmonious

Gentle Ayurvedic full body massage with sesame oil and local herbs to stimulate the metabolism and energy flow, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and free of toxins.

80mins €125

Singer’s SPA for kids

Pampering for the little ones

Relaxation, rest, some breathing space … your youngest family members benefit too!

After a long day in the cold of winter or the bright summer sun children’s sensitive skin requires a little more care than usual. Why not enjoy some quality time with your little darling in our Private Spa Suite for Two?


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