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When hands have eyes ...
With a plethora of massages from around the globe we offer our guests wonderful options to relax body and mind, whilst providing new strength and equilibrium.

Home grown favourites

Classic body massage
always a good choice
As you like it: relaxing or revitalising for an all-round feeling of wellbeing.

Full body   50mins   €65
Legs or back   25mins   €35


Tyrolean massage
recommended before and after sports
Powerful massage with stretching and relaxing movements to activate muscles with Tyrolean stone oil, boosting blood circulation – plus refreshing Tyrolean stone oil tonic, strengthening and in preparation for the next sporting challenge.

Full body   50mins   €69
Legs or back   25mins   €38


Alpine herbal massage
muscle stimulation and tissue revitalising
Energising massage with Alpine Rose and herb essences plus an enjoyable foot exfoliation. Feel strong and refreshed and enjoy the kick start of your metabolism.

Full body   50mins   €69


Aroma oil massage
slow down and relax
With gentle strokes, we invite you to a pleasant journey into the world of scents and aromas – leave feeling re-assured calm and a new equilibrium.

Full body   50mins   €67


'Dorn therapy with Breuss massage'
for severe back problems
This therapy brings vertebrae and joints in the ideal position. Feel a positive realignment.

50 min   € 75


'Breuss massage'
soft back treatment
Energetic back massage with St John’s wort oil to calm the nervous system. Feel balanced and tranquil.

35 min   € 48


Manuel lymphatic drainage
decongesting, purifying, detoxifying
Gentle lymphatic drainage expelling toxins – getting the system back to full speed. Feel light and relieved.

Full body   50mins   €65
Legs, arms or facial   25mins   €35

From afar

FRANCE: Silhouette deluxe
detoxifying & toning
Essences and oils will be gently massaged into the lymphatic system. Feel slight and contoured.

Full body   50mins   €69


JAPAN: Reiki
source of universal energy
By the laying on of hands, the body is supplied with energy. Feel connected and re-charged.

Full body   55mins   €75
Chakra balance   35mins   €45


CHINA: Reflexology
all over improvement
Foot pressure point massage, isolating and stimulating weak points. Feel strengthened and enlivened.

25mins   €38


CHINA: Special head massage
a clear head
Head pressure point massage with mint oil – liberating and uplifting. Feel relaxed and receptive.

25mins   €38


deepest relaxation & energy
Hot lava stones and cold marble stones bring special relaxation, metabolism and circulation are encouraged. Feel re-charged and energetic.

Full body   80mins   €115
Back treatment   30mins   €48


HAWAII: Lomi Lomi Nui
Regeneration of muscles and joints, deep relaxation.
Hawaiian body stretches and muscle relaxation, gentle strokes calm the soul. Feel connected with yourself, serene and strong.

Full body   105mins   €145
On demand 4-hand   80mins   €195


TIBET: Sound bowl massage
promoting self-healing forces, releasing blockages
Tibetan singing bowls are placed on the body and expertly hit, setting each cell into vibration. Feel the harmony and balance.

Full body   50mins   €69


INDIA: Abhyanga
detoxifying & harmonious
An all over massage with sesame oil and local herb essences, stimulating metabolism and energy flow with gentle strokes – feel released and pure.

Full body   75mins   €110

We will be delighted to advise you personally of suitable massage combinations.



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