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Facial Treatments

Our face is like an open book and reflects our state of mind. To make that open book into a bestseller, we offer tailor-made treatments to show your natural beauty to its greatest advantage – available for ‘her’ and ‘him’!

The pure and natural product lines Caudalie and Piroche give us the flexibility to treat you according to your specific needs. Individual treatments for the individual you really are.

During the 50 minute session we will take care of you with cleansing, peeling, mask and a short massage. During the 80 minute treatment we add a thorough deep cleansing, hand or foot massage, your personally selected ‘Highlight à la carte’ and eyebrow shapi

Alpine Power

For sensible skin: to protect, prevent & maintain
This treatment strengthens the skin’s natural defence, proper care protects and makes it more resilient against stress and the effects of sun, cold and wind.

50mins   €65
80mins   €95



For tired, depleted skin: to activate, revitalise & regenerate
With fresh vitamins and/or essences the skin will be strengthened, its natural functions supported and re-activated. The result is a fresh look, charisma and energy.

50mins   €65
80mins   €95


Magic Source

For mature skin: to tighten & build up
Every line in our face tells a story, each one is a witness of our lives. Do carry them with style and aplomb, but also take advantage of our Magic Source to make disappear the telltale signs of time.

50mins   €70
80mins   €110


ROSALPINA – Nature pure

The phyto stem cells of the Alpine Rose in conjunction with Alpine herbs like St John’s wort, larch extract, marigold, mallow, chamomile, yellow gentian and juniper activate stem cell vitality, support regeneration and increase the skin’s self-protection properties. Following a thorough deep cleansing, peeling and mask we indulge you with a specially developed facial massage technique to reawaken energy and resilience.

60mins   €90



We use high quality products by Caudalie and tailor them to your needs. In addition to deep cleansing, peeling and massage we apply a superb mask of fresh grapes plus a special foot scrub and foot pack to maximise the fruits’ purifying effect from head to toe.

80mins   €110

Highlights à la carte

Choose your special experience during an 80 minute facial treatment.

Facial massage with:

  • Herbal stamps or
  • Hot and cold basalt stones or
  • Mountain crystal, amethyst or rose quartz or
  • Fresh grapes

Magic Moments

One glance says more than a thousand words. These treatments promise increased radiance and definition.

Eyelash or eyebrow tinting

15mins   €15


Eyebrow shaping

15mins   €15


Shaping & tinting

30mins   €25


A moment in time
to reduce lines and puffiness
Drainage massage with mountain crystals, eye mask and head massage.

40mins   €45



A special gift for a special moment...

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