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Baths, scrubs, packs


Water refreshes, calms and flows – it is the elixir of life! A relaxing bath in our light-flooded whirlpool tub – with added aromas and essences – is a most enjoyable way to loosen muscles, relax the mind and activate body functions. Dive in and let it happen.

Relax baths
dream & soothe

  • Relaxing herbal bath with lavender, lemon balm or sage
  • ‘Berwanger’ Alpine milk bath with aroma oil & honey

20mins   €35


Energy baths
strengthen & revitalise

  • Energy herbal bath with mint, pine or mallow
  • Tyrolean stone oil bath

20mins   €35


Detoxification baths
cleanse & detoxify

  • Cleansing herbal bath with rosemary, thyme or nettle
  • Base salt honey bath
  • Singer’s wine bath with sea salt

20mins   €35


Body peelings

We strive to re-invent ourselves continuously – therefore we should also rid our skin of any build-up and aim for a thorough cleansing ritual. Body peelings are the ideal solution to cleanse and nourish, resulting in beautifully soft skin which can absorb products more easily, making it strong and resilient.

Herbal oil peeling
maintain & protect
Thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, Alpine Rose & almond oil

25mins   €25


Mineral oil peeling
Basic salt & ginger oil

25mins   €35


Crushed Cabernet
combats fluid retention
Crushed grape seeds, essential oils, honey & grape seed oil

25mins   €38


Friction Merlot
Brown sugar, essential oils, honey & grape seed oil

25mins   €38

Body packs

The well-tempered soft pack lounger ensures that the skin quickly absorbs active ingredients, allowing them to unfold and the weightless lying-down relieves joints and relaxes muscles.

NOURISH – for dry skin
Minerals from volcanic soil provide intense moisture and balance. Jojoba oil, Shea and wild mango butter give velvet soft and supple skin.


FRESH for tired skin
Wheat germ oil, minerals and essential oils give back radiance and strength.


PURIFY for blemishes
Purifying essential oils of sage, lavender and geranium combined with borage oil and sweet almond oil remove impurities and prevent premature aging.


Soft for sensitive, irritated skin
The Damask Rose has been bred and used for luxury body care since ancient times. Its oil has a harmonising effect particularly in conjunction with minerals, simultaneously soothing irritations and stimulating the naturally protective skin function.


ENERGETIC for overworked muscles
When muscles ache and movements are restricted, the Tyrolean stone oil provides immediate relief – feel liberated at your next athletic challenge.


SMOOTH for joint problems
Flowers & herbs of the fabulous ‘Berwang‘ summer meadows are dried to hay, which is placed all around the body, where it unfolds the positive effects of its natural ingredients on joints and respiratory tract.

20mins   €35

Singer's Care Duet – Peeling & Pack

Following a body scrub, the skin is very receptive – an ideal time for body packs, as their effects are more intense and sustained. Discuss your tailor-made combination with your therapist ans enjoy the results.

Peeling & Pack subject to your individual requirements
50mins   €65

Body wraps

Our bodies are continuously busy with the elimination of waste, counteracting deposits which may cause Cellulite, lack of mobility and fatigue. We can support the metabolism with specific wraps, enabling you to get back to top form quickly and effectively.

Piroche body wrap
Active natural ingredients and essential oils stimulate the metabolism, decongest tissue and strengthen blood vessels for a tangible, immediately visible success.

50mins   €55


Merlot wrap
Intensive drainage and streamlining can be achieved through this special full body pack with exfoliation. In combination with the soft pack lounger the active ingredients of grape seeds, pulp made from grape seeds and essential oils can unfold and effect wonders.

50mins   €60



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